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Designing Your eXtraOrdinary Life

Lack of focus and direction in life

Unmet or unfulfilled dreams and goals

Feel tired, frustrated, overwhelmed

Dissatisfied with your body image

Feel powerless to change

Feeling like roommates instead of lovers

Lonely, disconnected, unhappy

Just wish someone would give you the answers

There is Hope
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We are Darrell and Robin MacLearn and we understand how it feels to want to throw in the towel, feeling overwhelmed and defeated.  We understand feeling stuck moving through midlife. We also know how it feels to have hope and victory on the other side of life's challenges.

The habits, patterns and cognitive loops that got you to where you are today in your life, health and  relationships are the same habits, patterns and loops that will make tomorrow more of the same.  However, your future doesn’t need to look like your past… No matter where you find yourself today there is HOPE for an eXtraOrdinary Future!

Our Coaching Philosophy

It's time to say goodbye to feeling stuck.  It's such a waste of time and we have a feeling you are ready

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Imagine what it would be like to bust out of your midlife funk with passion and excitement about your life and what each day holds - Living the eXtraOrdinary life you were created for and deserve.  Imagine discovering how to take back control of your life and create a future that you get excited about.  Imagine relationships that are thriving, health that is getting better after 50 not worse, and living the second half with more purpose and meaning than the first. IT'S TIME TO LOVE YOUR LIFE AGAIN!!

Coaching through midlife

What makes our coaching program unique?

We focus on mindset

Everything great in life starts in the mind.  Every great invention, business, body, relationship all starts in the mind.  The opposite is also true.  Every bad relationship, negative health pattern, failed business, goal or dream started in the mind. Therefore we help you identify your thought patterns and how to take control of your mind and transform your life, health and relationships.

We focus on results

We are not therapists or counselors who hang out in your past.  We are coaches who care about your extraordinary future.  We help you move from where you are to where you want to be with intentional strategic actions that are designed with your goals and outcomes in mind.  You want results! Your success is our success!

We focus on the whole person

We recognize that our lives, our health and our relationships are all connected.  Whether our clients come for health, goal and dream achievement, relationship coaching, or just to overcome a hurdle or struggle in life, they all leave with transformations in every area of their life.

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the difference between coaching and counseling


Meant to Last: 5 Proven Steps to Transform Your Marriage


Stuck in the past of hurt and betrayal

Feeling disconnected and lonely

Looking for hope in your relationship

The Power of Little Things: The Transforming Power of What Seems Insignificant

Coming Soon

From the success or failure of a business to the success or failure of a marriage, a marathon, a diet, an education, or any goal  that one sets out to accomplish or achieve, it is the little things that determine the outcome one way or the other.  It’s the little things that will make you or break you.  Life’s achievements are the accumulation of little things that set the course for your success or failure.

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What our clients are saying...

"We survived COVID19 thanks to marriage coaching"


Chrissy Valdez

Life Coaching

I was referred to XtraO Coaching by a friend of mine because I was not in a very good place mentally and emotionally. Darrell & Robin helped me by really focusing on my thoughts and feelings and how my actions & results were a direct result. By utilizing their Thought Model, I was able to start recognizing the thoughts that were driving my feelings and therefore my actions. I was able to start changing the results I was having in my life and therefore have gained so much clarity and joy because I am in control of them now. I highly recommend XtraO Coaching for everyone who needs to strengthen their mental and emotional health in order to get to the next level towards becoming their best self!