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"Growth begins with awareness but is realized in action"

Darrell MacLearn

Everything looked good on the surface but underneath we...

Lacked focus and direction in life

Had many unmet and unfulfilled dreams and goals

Felt tired, frustrated, overwhelmed

We lived with body image issues

Felt powerless to change

Felt like roommates instead of lovers

Felt lonely, disconnected & unhappy

Just wished someone would give us the answers


Darrell world vision

An extroverted adventurer, I have run the London Marathon, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro 2 times, skydived, traveled around the world and launched a new business, all after the age of 40.  But my greatest adventure and challenge is marriage.  As a goal setter and one who strives to achieve and conquer challenges from work to mountains, I have come to realize that the greatest and most fulfilling adventure we can take on is the challenge to build an EXTRAORDINARY marriage. About the time you think you have it figured out you hit the marathon wall or the mountain scree and are ready to throw in the towel.  I’m so glad that I discovered what we now call the XtraO Factor and pressed on to Extraordinary!  I’m privileged to “run” with my best friend, “climb” with my lover, and “workout” with my life partner.


Robin after weight loss

An introverted bystander for most of our marriage, in 2017 I discovered the joy of no longer being a bystander and becoming fully engaged in life and love. I’m finding purpose as I become more involved. I started a blog, No Longer a Bystander,  in March 2019, to share my journey from being a couch potato, content to stay home and watch tv, to a much more active person who enjoys the outdoors, running, working out and living life to its fullest with my extraordinary husband. Almost 60 and I am healthier than I have EVER been, have more purpose and direction, and am on a mission to help others live the second half of their life with more joy, excitement, passion, and purpose than the first half.  I am excited to continue to develop an extraordinary marriage with Darrell, the love of my life, as we adventure through life together.

Our lives were not always eXtraOrdinary

Infidelity by both

19 moves in 34 years


Special needs adoption

Daughter a victim of human trafficking

Lived in separate states for over a year

Sexual dysfunction

autoimmune health issues

A painful story with eXtraOrdinary results

Marriage was falling apart, health was suffering and our life was lacking direction

Let's build that eXtraOrdinary Life you have been dreaming of

Wish You Could Lose Weight & Keep It Off?

Self Conscious About Your Body Image?

Has Your Self Confidence  Been Shaken?

Discover tools and strategies to bridge the gap between your mind, habits and permanent weight loss

Discover how to redefine your relationship with you, and develop consistent self love and self respect.

Discover tools and strategies to develop unshakable confidence

Lack Focus, Direction, Purpose and Meaning?

Bad Habits Stopping You From Being Your Best?

Feeling stuck and afraid

of change?

Get clear about what you want, why you want it, what keeps you from it, so you can create a path to a future that inspires and motivates you to achieve it.

Discover the connections between your mind, your subconscious patterns, and the actions that result and how to break and make habits

Learn how to move forward making strong confident decisions and taking massive action

Relationships Suffering?

Discover tools and strategies to transform all of your relationships no matter what has happened in the past - especially your relationship with you.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Lack Self Care?

Understand the true source of overwhelm and develop strategies so you can stop spinning your wheels and get more done

Cultivate consistent and effective self-care and become your best self able to contribute from your overflow

Darrell and Robin Coaching
XtraO Coaching

You'll benefit from coaching if...

  • You're feeling stuck. Your career's not cutting it anymore.

  • You’re tired of watching your own life pass you by and can no longer ignore your drive to grow.

  • You know deep down there’s more out there for you.’re not sure how to find the meaning you’re looking for.

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What if you believed the best was yet to come?

The problem is you don't really believe that do you?  Most of us can’t even imagine this because of our deep negative beliefs about aging; we don’t believe that OLDER could be better than YOUNGER…and what happens in the future could be better than the past. This mindset is a big disconnect for many of us midlifers!

You want to change but don’t know what to do or how to get there.

We work with amazing midlifers, like you. We'll help you bust out of your midlife funk, figure out what you want and make changes to create an eXtraOrdinary life that brings great, energy, joy and excitement to your life.


Chrissy Valdez

Life Coaching

I was referred to XtraO Coaching by a friend of mine because I was not in a very good place mentally and emotionally. Darrell & Robin helped me by really focusing on my thoughts and feelings and how my actions & results were a direct result. By utilizing their Thought Model, I was able to start recognizing the thoughts that were driving my feelings and therefore my actions. I was able to start changing the results I was having in my life and therefore have gained so much clarity and joy because I am in control of them now. I highly recommend XtraO Coaching for everyone who needs to strengthen their mental and emotional health in order to get to the next level towards becoming their best self!