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Meant To Last:

7 Proven Steps to Transform Your Marriage

Which of the following do you answer "YES" to?

8 Week Online Course!!

Cheated on?

Broken trust and broken dreams?

Lonely, disconnected and unhappy?

Feeling more like roommates than lovers?

Intimacy?  What's that? That left at 40!

I have a good marriage but I want great

She/He is not the person I married

We struggle with communication

YES! It's time to find hope

If you answered "YES" to any of the above statements then this course is for you?

Enroll in Meant To Last and Invest in your marriage

Your marriage is worth investing in?

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In this 8 week course you will receive

  • 8 modules and 47 sessions of marriage content  

  • Over 12 video hours of marriage and relationship teaching and training

  • Practical action-oriented exercises and assignments 

  • Weekly Couples stories to see what it looks like in real life

  • Additional resources and supplemental materials in each module

Course Value = $1200​

  • BONUS: Marriage Mindset Tool - ($197 Value)

  • BONUS: Goal Achievement Course - ($197 Value)

  • BONUS: 1 hour of Professional Coaching - ($150 Value)

  • BONUS: Certified SYMBIS+ Assessment - ($100 Value)

Bonus Value = $644​

Total Value = $1844​

If you want to save your marriage or just move your marriage one step closer to eXtraOrdinary enroll TODAY in

Meant To Last: 7 Proven Steps to Transform Your Marriage!! 

By Investing in my marriage I will...

  • Understand how my mind impacts my marriage and how to use my mind to strengthen and grow my marriage

  • Know how to take thoughts captive to literally change the course and direction of my relationship

  • Have an eXtraOrdinary dream for an eXtraOrdinary relationship

  • Know how to develop relational goals and move my marriage strategically toward an eXtraOrdinary relationship

  • Know how to overcome my past hurts and focus forward on my relational development

  • Have a personal self care plan and a process to becoming my best self

  • Know how to overcome conflict and communicate with my spouse on a deeper level

  • Know how to reconnect with my spouse and become best friends

  • Get practical tools, tips and exercises to keep my marriage fresh and alive

  • Understand how to strengthen and build a healthy and strong relationship that will not just last but thrive

  • Have a tool for ongoing assessment and action steps

  • Have a plan to grow my marriage beyond this course

I'm glad I invested in my relationship...

Joe & Raychel

XtraO Coaching  has radically changed our marriage...


I would recommend this to anyone. whether you are newly married or looking for a last ditch hope before divorce and everything in between. XtraO Coaching has radically changed my view on marriage." ~Raychel Decker

Woodie & Cheryl

This is a valuable tool for those seeking to move beyond boredom &...


This helpful tool leads hurting couples through essential steps to repair and restore their marriage and help it grow to new heights of intimacy and marital fulfillment.  This is a valuable tool for those seeking to move beyond marital boredom and obligation to new levels of marital contentment.

Rob & Sue

Darrell & Robin, thank you for your relational transparency and this invaluable gift...


Darrell & Robin describe relational issues that if not addressed will erode the foundation of our marital relationship.  If positively addressed, these timeless truths such as the intentionality of love honoring, and cherishing each other, will fuel a deep sustaining romantic blaze..."

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Buzz & Carol

Anyone who wants the marriage of their dreams & is willing to put in the necessary work will be glad they did...


Instead of letting life's issues get the best of them and their relationship they took action and developed the marriage of their dreams.  Their training is easy to understand and includes relationship exercises to help any marriage grow."

Hector & Donna

Darrell and Robin Thank you for your investment in us...


Darrell & Robin's course is full of important information for those who want to live their best life with the person they chose to do life with."

Keith Powel

This should be given as a gift to all newlyweds.  Having been married 35 years, I found it very insightful...


Sometimes you lead and sometimes you are being led.  This is a great guide to learn how to be both the leader and the follower. Darrell & Robin provide an easy to follow plan of action.  The key is to implement it.  They share their experience in a format that can help any of us be a better husband and wife."

You will be glad you invested in your relationship...

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Do you want to take your marriage to the next level?

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7 proven steps to move any marriage toward eXtraOrdinary

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You'll be able to take the first step toward making the changes you need to make

Typical Results From Coaching

You'll understand how your mind works for you and against you

You'll discover how to take intentional actions that will get the results you are longing for

You'll find freedom from allowing your circumstances and others to control you and your feelings

You'll learn how to manage overwhelm and confusion so that you don't feel stuck

You'll have clarity about your purpose so you can intentionally move on with your midlife and live it to its fullest!

We are Darrell & Robin

Hi, we are Darrell and Robin MacLearn and we are YOUR MidLife coaches.

"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending." ~C.S. Lewis

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What our clients are saying...


Chrissy Valdez

Life Coaching

I was referred to XtraO Coaching by a friend of mine because I was not in a very good place mentally and emotionally. Darrell & Robin helped me by really focusing on my thoughts and feelings and how my actions & results were a direct result. By utilizing their Thought Model, I was able to start recognizing the thoughts that were driving my feelings and therefore my actions. I was able to start changing the results I was having in my life and therefore have gained so much clarity and joy because I am in control of them now. I highly recommend XtraO Coaching for everyone who needs to strengthen their mental and emotional health in order to get to the next level towards becoming their best self!