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10 Zones of Health

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

"Health is a Decision"

In his book Church Boy To Millionaire, Doug Wood describes 10 Zones of Health. These are the zones we all go through to some degree on our journey to optimal health.

  Zones 1-3 are Denial and Avoidance

Zone 1 – Denial

“My health is my business, and it’s affecting no one else but me.”

Zone 2 – Blaming and Giving Up

“This is the way I have always been.”  “My family has always been big.”  “I inherited these habits–it’s not my fault.” 

Zone 3 – Cynicism, Covering up, Laughter, and Jokes

 “We get the fat joke out before others can.” “We make excuses for why healthy people have it easier.” Cute memes can simply be another way of avoiding our reality!

Zones 4-6 are Contending and Breakthrough

Zone 4 – Secretly Starting and Trying to Get Healthy

 “We are willing to try anything to try and lose weight but we tend to try in private because we fear failure and embarrassment.  When things get difficult we self-doubt and begin to wonder if weight loss and health are impossible for us.”

Zone 5 – Angry Stage

“Growth and progress are battling with habits, limiting beliefs, moments of failure. We feel out of control again, live with food hangovers, and start the whole angry process all over again. We overcome negative emotions but are really pissed off at the process.”

Zone 6 – Questioning “Why Me?”

“We still hit a wall of self-pity and might ask ourselves, “why is my flesh so weak?” “Why does it have to be like this?”  “Is there something wrong with me?”  We are so close to a breakthrough!

Zones 7-10 are Consistency and Desired Outcome

Zone 7 – Forming Healthy Mind and Habit Loops

“By this point, a DECISION is made that moves beyond weight loss to health. Here we see hope. We still deal with identity issues and body image issues and limiting beliefs.  But now we are forming the habits of mind and body that consistency will win.”

Zone 8 – Choosing Health and a New Future

“This is where we take the power back by taking total personal responsibility for our health, our family’s health, and reconfirm our decision. There is no going back. We understand that HEALTH IS A CHOICE and we cannot cheat it. There are also no more secrets here. We bring our health into the light, showing and coaching others.”

Zone 9 – Transferring Health

“Here we understand that by getting healthy and modeling consistency we are now transferring our health to the next generations.  We contend and become chain breakers for ourselves, families, and even our friends.  We earn respect and become people of influence.”

Zone 10 – The CONTINUED daily commitment to be consistent

“We aren’t perfect, we are just obsessed with moving forward. We stay consistent by always keeping our next goal in front of us.  In this zone we make the daily commitment to be consistent as we pursue the healthiest version of ourselves because we are our greatest asset.”

Transformation begins to take shape at the point a DECISION is made that moves beyond weight loss to health and the formation of habits that include both the body and mind. What kind of a legacy will you leave?  Start leaving your legacy now!!

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