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Déjà Vu Diets

Have you ever had Déjà vu?  You know that feeling that what you are currently doing has already happened.  You know kind of like your life is on “rinse and repeat.”  Here we go again. As you look back over the past several years you can identify all the diets you have tried and the ones that “worked” and the ones that didn’t.  Déjà vu means, “already seen,” a “been there, done that, got the t-shirt” moment.

I find it interesting that when we talk about diets that “worked” we are simply talking about the fact that when the dieter tried it they actually lost weight. “Worked” is an accurate statement because it is attached to the goal. However, if the goal was sustained weight loss and optimal health then it didn’t work even if they lost the weight they desired to lose, because the goal was different. Most diets actually then don’t work because most people’s true desire is sustained weight loss and optimal health.

Approximately 50% of women today are on some form of a “diet.” The weight loss industry is a booming business built on the backs of people’s addictions and habits fueled by a culture that is capitalizing on the same. The problem is few, if any, are really addressing the real issues. Diets tend to focus on what you eat not why you eat. Statistics reveal that “85% of those who go on a diet without behavioral support gain the weight back and generally more within 2 years” (Dr. A’s Habits of Health). Rinse and Repeat. The weight loss industry is a booming business built on the backs of people’s

addictions and habits!

Optimal health is not only about weight loss but addressing all the issues, addictions, and habits that have caused us to arrive at the point we are and the need for “another diet.” Optimal health is about intentionally designing a life and lifestyle that enables you to live in your best health for where you are in life. Obviously, optimal health for a 20-year-old marathon runner will look different than optimal health for a 70-year-old who has suffered from cancer.

The point is that this is a “designed” life, not a life you happen upon or hope happens to you. It is a life built upon the intentional choices you make every day, one day at a time. It is a life of “optimal mornings” and “optimal evenings” which create more and more “optimal days.” The problem is approximately 50% of our daily activities we do habitually without the actual awareness we are doing them. Where we are today in our health is a direct result of the habits and actions we have been taking. The same is true for our future. Our future health will be a direct result of the habits and actions we take between now and then.

“We don’t choose our future, we choose our habits and our

habits determine our future.” ~Atomic Habits

50% of women today are on some form of a diet 85% of dieters without behavioral support gain the weight back within 2 years 50% of our daily activities we do habitually without awareness of doing them

Growth begins with awareness but is realized in action! The problem is when we live unaware of what we are doing and why we are doing it we will keep doing it over and over and get the same results we have always gotten. The definition of insanity right…to do the same things we have always done and expect different outcomes. If we want optimal health and an extraordinary life we must move beyond hoping it will happen and will-powering our way to it and design it with new habits. We are in control of our future when we are in control of our habits. But first, we must become aware! Once we are aware we can begin to design the life of our dreams!

You don’t need another diet. You don’t need another weight loss program.

You need a system that helps you uncover your hidden habits and build new habits that will produce the long-term health outcomes you long for deep down.

What habits are holding you back from truly being your best self and living with optimal health?

Do you have a system of identifying why you do what you do habitually and anybody helping you break those habits and intentionally create new, healthy ones?

Do you eat habitually without even thinking about what you are eating, when you are eating, or why you are eating?

What healthy actions do you take on purpose? Are you building healthy habits on purpose?

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