• Darrell & Robin MacLearn

Here’s Your Sign

Have you ever wished for a stop sign when you are on your way home from a busy day's work?  Many are frustrated by that stop sign or traffic that slows you down.  For me, it is a matter of perspective and intentionality. A stop sign just before you get home is a great trigger to prepare you for your entrance back into the presence of your family.  It is an opportunity to “Stop” and intentionally make a choice to be present when you walk through the door.

Choose a stop sign or a landmark or someplace where you can regularly come to a stop and remind yourself of the importance of being present with your spouse when you get home.  Too often we walk through the door and are still on the phone, still in thought and frustration, still mentally at work.  

Whether it is a stop sign to help you prepare to be where your feet are or it's a “sign” to cause you to stop and think about your mindset, use it to strengthen your marriage.

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