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How Do You Turn Lemons Into Lemonade?

How do you turn lemons into lemonade? Lemons in and of themselves are not the most enjoyable things to eat.  However, add a little water and some sugar and you can turn a negative into a positive–lemons into lemonade.

"Where your focus goes your energy flows" ~ Tony Robbins

It seems like the quote “Where your focus goes your energy flows,” from Tony Robbins is becoming a driving principle in my life. Almost daily I find myself quoting it, using it in coaching sessions, posting something about it or simply just seeing its relevance in my daily activity. In the midst of national crisis, what we focus on matters and helps us to turn lemons into lemonade.

I believe and am becoming more and more convinced that in the midst of every circumstance there is lemonade. This current Covid-19 crisis is no different. We have been handed a lemon. My question is how can we take the negative and find the positive? How can we turn THIS lemon into lemonade?

It all starts with focus. “Where your focus goes your energy flows.” If we spend our time focusing on the negative, we will find all there is and more. But I believe the opposite is also true. The more time we focus on the positive and intentionally look for the opportunities, the more we will find.

I believe every crisis comes with newfound opportunities. Opportunities that have just been dormant under the surface waiting to be discovered. Opportunities to turn the lemon into lemonade.

Lemons Is it unfortunate that restaurants are/were closed? Is it unfortunate that schools are/were closed? Is it unfortunate that churches are/were closed? Is it unfortunate that people are out of work? Is it unfortunate that husbands and wives are forced to be confined to their homes? Is it unfortunate that there is added stress on the marriage relationship? Is it unfortunate that stores are out of toilet paper? LOL!

Lemonade Yes, however, this is an opportunity for families to gather around their table and reconnect. Yes, however, this is an opportunity for parents to engage with their children in new and creative ways. Yes, however, this is an opportunity for the church to step outside of their “boxes” and discover new ways to minister to the hurting, stressed and confused in our world. Yes, however, this is an opportunity for new and creative businesses to be developed, people to come alongside one another, families to join together in support. Yes, however, this is an opportunity for marriages to reconnect and communicate on a different level. Yes, however, with intentional focus, this is an opportunity for relationships to grow stronger not weaker. Yes, however, this is an opportunity to write a facebook meme and generate some humor and laughter.

One of the things I have commented on several times to my wife is how the creativity and humor has gone to a new level. Humor and laughter are positive and healthy. Is there crisis and reason to be concerned? Yes. Should we take this seriously? Yes! However, find opportunities to laugh together and be positive and joyous.

Our mindset and our attitude in every circumstance of life is our CHOICE!

I believe part of taking this Covid-19 crisis seriously is intentionally looking for ways in the midst of the crisis that will make life better beyond the crisis. But it takes intentional effort to look for the opportunity. The negative is easy to see. The opportunity must be looked for to be found.

How can you turn this lemon into lemonade?

It's Just A Thought But It Could Change Your Life!

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