• Darrell & Robin MacLearn

Living on the Other Side of Average

"I'll do today what others won't so I can have tomorrow what others can't."

Today starts “ALL OUT MASSIVE ACTION” week for Robin and I. We have chosen to not just talk about what we want. Not just dream about what we want. Not just look at what others are doing and creating and wish we could. But to actually believe we can and start living like it.

We want optimal health

so we will act like it!

We want an eXtraOrdinary marriage

so we will act like it!

We want a thriving growing business

so we will act like it!

What Do You Want?

When I look at the world I see different types of people. I see “normal” people who have “accepted their lot in life” and have given up on their hopes and dreams and are stuck in their habit loop of “this is just who I am” thinking and living. These are good people who are simply stuck with “good enough syndrome.” I see other people who break out of this syndrome and live beyond the status quo and are always leveling up and going to the next level and creating something great in and through their lives. These people don’t seem to be the “normal” in our society. In fact, the normal call them special, lucky and gifted.

They are not special or lucky or gifted.  They are just like everybody else, just with different actions and habits.

“If you want what someone has, know what they know and do what they do and you can have what they have.”

We have looked around and observed the masses and “normal people” and are choosing to do the exact opposite. “Weird people do BIG things and are willing to break up with average and choose a life that doesn’t make sense to everybody else.” ~ Doug Wood

I am in control and will choose my future. It is not predetermined for me. It will be the result of the habits I choose to implement and the actions I choose to take.

As I have studied the “special, lucky, gifted” people, I have discovered that they aren’t special, lucky, or gifted. They are intentional and are willing to disrupt their status quo and take massive action toward their dreams. And when the going gets tough, they embrace the suck and continue to act their way to their dreams.

We have launched our business – We are taking MASSIVE action – We are living our dreams today – We are not normal!

Don’t let the world squeeze you into its mold. Dream big dreams… Act Bigger! and let’s go live our dreams together on the other side of average.

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