• Darrell & Robin MacLearn

Selfie Check & Shrine Challenge

Frequency: Daily Reps: 2-3 Time: 3-5 min Intensity: Light Workout: Nutrition

Exercise Overview What’s on your walls, screen savers, Facebook feed, and in your wallet often speaks volumes about what or who you love.  In your personal spaces eliminate the selfies with you and other “loves” and replace them with pictures and photos of your partner or you with your partner.


Make your office a shrine to your most important relationship and daily admire and remember the positive side of those pictures. 

Nutrition Just like what you put into your body matters for your physical health, the same is true in what you feed your mind. Your marriage is directly affected by your thought life. 

This exercise is pretty simple to do and quite profound when you think about it.  What you feed your mind will radically affect your relationships.  Are you a “Selfie Junkie?”  Are you all about you?  Is your Facebook feed all about your latest pose or your latest moment with a famous person or place?  How much space does your partner’s face get on your Facebook photo album?  What or who does the world think you love?


Often times our loves are revealed by our camera. What would the impact be on your relationship if you were all about honoring, promoting, and admiring your spouse?  Create your shrine, then 2-3 times per day admire and reflect. It just takes a few minutes of being intentional.  Feed your mind with positive memories & take captive negative thoughts. I’m laying down the “SHRINE CHALLENGE” Post your best pic of your shrine to your partner in the comments below.

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