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The Power of Intention – The XtraO Factor

Their marriage was “on the rocks.”  They were more like roommates than friends or

lovers.  The criticism had increased.  They were frustrated and found themselves frustrating each other.  Hellos and goodbyes had come and gone.  There was little positive interaction and intimacy was a memory of the good old days.  “If it weren’t for the kids….”  You can probably fill in the rest of these way too often spoken words.

What moves this relationship from here to EXTRAORDINARY?

One word lived out can move any relationship toward eXtraOrdinary. That word is what we call the XtraO Factor and it is the word…INTENTIONAL!

INTENTIONAL: done on purpose; deliberate”

EXTRAORDINARY: “Very unusual; remarkable”

What would change in your relationship if YOU intentionally did everything you want your spouse to do?

We believe EVERY relationship can be an eXtraOrdinary relationship.  But the reality is most relationships are anything but eXtraOrdinary.  In fact, based on the divorce rates in our world today, we would venture to say that the vast majority of relationships are the opposite of eXtraOrdinary.  

Our definition of an eXtraOrdinary relationship

An eXtraOrdinary relationship is characterized by…

  • High Trust

  • Unconditional love

  • Unconditional respect

  • Deep friendship

  • Intentional work on the relationship

  • Deep intimacy

  • Non-negotiable commitment

  • Regular laughter

  • The ability to work together to solve problems and conflict

An eXtraOrdinary relationship is not without problems and conflict.  In fact, an XtraO relationship maximizes problems and conflicts and uses them to keep the relationship moving forward on the eXtraOrdinary scale.   

The XtraO Factor simply put is being INTENTIONAL

What would change in your relationship if your spouse …

  • Intentionally learned and implemented communication skills

  • Intentionally cherished/honored you

  • Intentionally listened to you

  • Intentionally focused on your friendship

  • Intentionally forgave you and worked on conflict resolution with you

What would change in your relationship if YOU intentionally did everything you want your spouse to do?

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